Happy New Year!


I can’t believe 2019 has started. How did 2018 pass by so quickly? Everyone always seems to become very reflective this time of year. A new calendar goes on the wall and it seems like a blank slate of possibility is before us!


I wanted to take a moment to put out my goals for 2019. It’s been quite a long time since I’ve written (or typed) out what I wanted to accomplish. A new website and new blog…this seemed like a good idea to finally write things down.


My One Little Word for 2019 is Grow. I’ve never really done OLW before. It’s an idea from Ali Edwards. I’m not taking her official class or anything. I’m just letting the word sit me…let me contemplate it…let it sit in me. It seemed to sum up so many things that I wanted to accomplish is 2019.


The first and biggest goal is to grow my YouTube channel. (If you haven’t already subbed, now would be a great time!) I am a teacher. I’ve spent the last sixteen years in the same third grade classroom. Teaching is truly a passion of mine. I want my YouTube channel to be a place for process videos to learn about the how and why I create like I do. I want it to be a place for creativity and happiness. Scrapbooking is a passion for me as much as teaching is. I want to share what I do with the world.


Relating to YouTube…I want to grow on Facebook. In this regard, I have to get over my shyness. Most people who meet me in person are surprised to hear me say I’m a quiet, introverted person who doesn’t like being the front and center of attention. It’s quite true! If I’m going to share myself though, I have to put myself out there. My husband (God, bless him!) is standing behind me 100%. He’s helped me set up a Facebook group called One Mommy Scrapping. I’d like everyone to check it out and be a part of it. I want it to be a little corner of Facebook for creative minds to gather to share their work, learn new techniques, and talk about all things scrapbooking! Being a mom isn’t required in the least – just a love for scrapbooks.


I want to grow in my ability to take care of myself. A few years ago I started walking and even started a tiny little bit of running. After I partially tore my Achilles’ tendon, I stopped. It happened at the end of April. By the time it healed, we were in the heat of summer. 80 degrees at 6am doesn’t make me want to run or even walk. This year, I’d like to start back at that sport. I’m not looking to run marathons, but I’d like to do a 5k (or even a 10k?!) without feeling like I’m about to die.


I want the amount of water I drink to grow! Gracious, I need to drink more water. I’ve gotten better about soda. I still drink it but nothing like I used to. I just need to consume more of what my body needs. I feel better when I’m hydrated properly. Why am I denying myself that?


There you have it, folks. If you’ve made it this far you earn a gold star! I hope you’ll stick around with me for 2019. If you’ve not seen a new post here or video on YouTube, please feel free to kick me in the butt and demand some content! I’ll thank you for it.


What are your goals for 2019? What do you think of my goals? Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.


Have a lovely day!