So, it’s been over a month since I last posted. Yikes! I finally got over bronchitis a couple weeks ago. Then my daughter got sick…then my husband…and now I have bronchitis again. Yeah…that face palm emoji seems like the perfect way to sum up how I’m feeling right now.

Regardless, the show much go on! I thought I’d talk about some project I’ve got going on right now. First up is my swatching project. I finally bit the bullet and bought some of the coin sized page protectors that everyone seems to be using to keep track of their inks. I’m loving it so far! Honestly, I bought it for my Nuvo Drops. I didn’t want to double purchase since those things last forever. I got all of those swatched and I’d estimate I’m about 2/5 done with my ink swatches. Not quite half but more than a third. I’ve still got about a dozen Distress Inks left, then all my Distress Oxides, and finally my Lawn Fawn inks…On second thought, maybe I am only a third done!

Another project I need to bring myself to finish is my Journal Your Christmas album for 2018. I first need to get the photos printed. That’s what holding me up. I have hundreds of pictures to look through for Christmas Eve and Christmas day. Am I the only one that dreads going through and picking out those pictures?

Project Life 2017 is still incomplete but for the opposite reason. I don’t have enough photos! I’m still trying to plan out what I’m going to do there. Instead of double page spreads, I think I’ll be doing more single page spreads for the week. Then I can get those albums on the shelves and call that project done. Part 1 through June is almost complete. Part 2…well…I think tumble weeds are blowing through the emptiness of that album.

Finally, Disney. Ohhhh…Disney! How I love to think about those albums and dread them too. I have all the pictures printed for our 2017 trip. Hmm..Maybe some of them can be tossed into Project Life… Even if I don’t have layouts, the photos are in divided page protectors in the album. However, my birthday trip for 2018 – only three days in the parks – isn’t printed. Again, over 2000 photos to go through and pick out which stories I want to tell. I think that may end up being an Easter Break project. I could then get them printed by Persnickety Prints in time for the May retreat I’ll be attending in Charlotte.

So, those are my current scrappy projects. I do still need to finish putting together my scrap room. That’s on hold for the time being until I can get to IKEA though. I need some more storage!

What are your current projects – both scrappy and non-scrappy. Leave me a note in the comments and let me know what you’re working on. I’d love to hear that I’m not alone with a pile of unfinished projects! ?