Today, let’s talk about the front and back covers of your memory book. If you missed the post about how to create the spine, take a look there first because you’ll need the spine for the covers to attach to.

Adding the covers to a memory book are the same regardless of the book style. I’ll be making a 7″ book for this tutorial using the Life’s Journey base die set. The base dies are unique because they only cut on three sides. Leaving that fourth side open is how you create the cover.

This is where you’ll want to use 110 lb cardstock. You want your covers to be sturdy. As we decorate the cover, you’ll be adding even more thickness which is exactly what you want.

Step one is to cut two cover pieces. Have the cutting edges close to top of the paper.

You’ll end up with two pieces that look like this.

Trim off the outside flap.

Then trim down the sides.

If you look carefully, you can see a wide embossed line that was made by that fourth side that didn’t cut.

You will want to score the outside edge of that wide line. This should make your covers slightly longer than your pages which is important. Score both cover pieces this way.

Then fold along both those score lines.

Grab your spine piece and add red line tape. Again, strong tape is very important here. I like to do every other section.

Remove the red line tape backing and place your spine inside the cover, butting one spine edge against the fold line you made on the cover.

If you have a three piece spine, you will have more cardstock left over on the edge. With a six piece spine, there’s only a little bit. Either way, score on that open edge next to the spine and fold it.

For a six piece spine, you’re ready for the next step. If you have a three piece spine, trim the excess off leaving about 1/2″ left so it’s similar to the picture above.

Next, take the second cover piece and trim along the fold line you created.

Add red line tape to the outside of the small flap of the first cover piece.

Remove the backing and attach the other cover piece.

Now you have your covers added and are ready to start making pages.