Welcome to the next post for Nuvo Match! I’m really excited about this collection. I make no secret that I adore all of Shimelle’s collections. Basic Grey and Shimelle are my two favorite brands. Mixing in my favorite embellishment with my favorite paper always produces a lot of choices. I found 52 products that are great matches and another 12 that aren’t a match per se but coordinate well. Since I have this collection in my possession instead of a quick match and go with a friend’s paper, I’ve photographed my swatches with some of the more colorful papers that I used to match up with.

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Crystal Drops – Gloss

My favorite category without a doubt! It also has the most matches to it.

Starting off we have Bubblegum Blush, Ripened Pumpkin, Simply White, and Dark Walnut. Peachy Keen is a Vintage Drop swatch that somehow snuck into this picture. It’s a great match as well.

Then it’s Sweet Lilac and Plum Pudding for some nice purples.

Dandelion Yellow, Woodland Green, and Apple Green.

Calming Aqua, Double Denim, Duck Egg Blue, and Midnight Blue round out my top Gloss Crystal Drop matches.

For coordinating matches which go with the collection but aren’t quite “perfect” I’d suggest English Mustard, Blushing Red, Party Pink, and Caribbean Ocean.

Crystal Drops – Metallic

Only four in this category for me. That’s most likely because I have very few of the metallic Crystal Drops. Pink Orchid, Rhubarb Crumble, Neptune Turquoise, and Navy Blue all look very nice with this collection.

Glitter Drops

There are a few different Glitter Drops that match nicely. Starting off with Red Sunstone, Pink Champagne, and Golden Sunset.

Next come some greens and blues with Sunlit Meadow (this is such a lovely shade of green!), Dazzling Blue, and Night Sky (also found as Midnight Sky).

Finally, we have two “white” colors – White Blizzard and Silver Crystals. The difference in these two are that White Blizzard has iridescent glitter and Silver Crystals has iridescent glitter as well as some silver glitter.

Glitter Drops that coordinate with Never Grow up are Purple Rain, Chocolate Fondue, and Yellow Bird.

Stone Drops

Only two in this small category owning to the fact that they’re aren’t many colors out yet. Chalk White and Belgium Bluestone.

Dream Drops

Another small category because there aren’t too many out yet of these either. Fairy Wings and Cloud 9 are just so pretty with it.

Vintage Drops

Chalk Stick, Pioneer Green, and Worn Navy are just perfect for this collection. Don’t forget Peachy Keen which isn’t pictured here because it snuck into my gloss Crystal Drops photo above.

Regency Green is a really pretty coordinating color with this collection.

Jewel Drops

I just love how Jewel Drops show up on layouts. It adds such a pretty effect.

We are starting with Cocoa Blush, Honeysuckle, and Strawberry Coulis.

Next is Limoncello and Morning Dew. Morning Dew is technically a Crystal Drop but it’s transparent like the Jewel Drops. It makes me wonder if it came out before there were any other types of Drops besides the Crystal Drops. Morning Dew is a clear drop.

Finally we have Key Lime, Sea Breeze, and Steel Blue.

A coordinating Jewel Drop I would recommend is Orange Marmalade.

Glacier Paste

Two beautiful Glacier Pastes to add a gorgeous sparkle to your layout are Sea Sprite and Frostbite.

A nice coordinating Glacier Paste is Green Envy.

Crackle Mousse

Celestial Blue, Pink Gin, and Chameleon Green are great matches for Never Grow Up.

Embellishment Mousse

Our final category for the day is Embellishment Mousse. This product adds what I would call a pearly look to your layouts. I love to use Embellishment Mousse with stencils or to create layers on a page.

Orange Blush, Peony Pink, and English Heather are so nice – especially with that floral paper!

Then we have Lemon Sorbet, Aquamarine, Old Navy, and Pacific Teal.

Thanks for checking out the latest Nuvo Match post. If you have a collection you’d like me to match up, leave me a comment below.

Have a lovey day!