Welcome to a new series on my blog called Nuvo Match. One of the most common questions I get is what Nuvo Drops match a collection. Well, here are the blog posts that will answer those questions! If you have a collection you want to see me Nuvo Match, leave a comment here or in my Facebook Group.

Let’s get started! The first request I had was to match Cocoa Vanilla’s beautiful boy centered collection Legendary. Cocoa Vanilla is an Australian company and can be hard to find in US stores. My Little Scrapbook Store is a great place to find Legendary right now.

Legendary is full of beautiful blues, greens, with neutrals of gray and brown. Add in some warm yellows, oranges, and reds and it’s so much fun to scrapbook with for your favorite guy or outdoor adventures. I’ll have links to as many of these supplies as I can at the bottom of this post.

Nuvo Drops – Crystal Drops

First up, let’s talk Nuvo Drops. The Crystal Drops with a gloss finish are my favorites. Easy to choose for matching this are Dark Walnut, Blue Babe, Double Denim, Midnight Blue, English Mustard, and Ripened Pumpkin. Gloss White also works but the white in the collection isn’t as bright as the Nuvo Drop. I also think Red Berry would work but Red Berry tends to lean a little cooler and the reds in this collection seem a little warmer to me. I would use it, but not everyone may agree. I did not pull the Oyster Grey because it is a warm grey and this collection has a cooler toned grey.

I don’t own as many of the Crystal Drops with a metallic finish. Of the ones I do have, I can recommend Silver Lining, Navy Blue, and Soft Mint.

Nuvo Drops – Jewel Drops

Jewel Drops are beautiful transparent drops of color. Orange Marmalade and Steel Blue are superb matches for Legendary. Cocoa Blue and Grey Mist also work very well.

Nuvo Drops – Glitter Drops

Who says boys can’t do glitter? There are seven great Glitter Drop matches! Red Sunstone and Orange Soda are great matched. Golden Sunset is an orangey gold and looks lovely too. Sunlit Meadow, Dazzling Blue, and Night Sky (also found as Midnight Sky) round out the cool colors. Chocolate Fondue is a beautiful match that was a surprise to me since it’s a bit darker. It still looks really nice with this collection though.

Nuvo Drops – Stone Drops

Stone Drops are a smaller selection in the Nuvo catalog but they are expanding this year. Boulder Grey is that cool toned grey that works well along with Belgium Bluestone. Chalk White looks nice. It’s not as quite as bright as the Gloss Simply White so tends to blend in a little better. It’s still not a perfect match, but one I’d use on my layout.

Nuvo Drops – Vintage Drops

I have to confess to being a new convert to Vintage Drops. These Drops look shiny at first but when they dry, they have a matte finish. This variety has six great colors. Yellow Brick Road is the only warm color I can recommend. They don’t have an orange or red that really seem to match well within the Vintage Drop line. Pioneer Green is a wonderful match and Regency Green is a great coordinating match for Legendary. Bonnie Blue and Worn Navy look like they’re just about perfect match ups. Finally, there’s Chocolate Chip which has the same brown tones as the collection.

Nuvo Mousse

My love of Nuvo doesn’t stop at Drops. My first love was actually their line of Embellishment Mousse. Two are yet again another nearly perfect match – Orange Blue and Old Navy. Pacific Teal is a good compliment to the collection. Finally, the Expanding Mousse Red Leather looks nice as well. It’s not as bright as the red in the collection but would still work.

Nuvo Glacier Paste

Ohhhh…Glacier Paste. This stuff must be made of magic. There is mica in the product which gives a great shine. This is still a relatively newish product so there aren’t too many colors out yet. The line will be expanding during 2020 and (I hope) beyond. Three colors stood out as outstanding matched – Quicksilver, Frostbite (pale blue), and Green Envy. Haute Red also works but it’s like the Red Leather Expanding Mousse – it’s not as bright as the red in the collection.

There you have it! My suggestions for matching Nuvo products to Cocoa Vanilla’s Legendary collection. What else do you think would match this collection? Do you have a collection you want to see me match up? Leave a comment below!