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New Nuvo!

Are there better words than that? I love when a new trend debuts. New colors in fun mediums are a surefire way to brighten my day. This trend is one that totally speaks to me!! I love neutrals like white and blue is one of my favorite colors. Let’s start with my favorite product – Nuvo Drops.

Four new Drop colors in four different finishes should provide something for just about anyone. 


First up for us in the Drops category are the beautiful blue drops called Blue Ice. These are the classic Crystal Drops with a metallic finish. 


Next up is one of my favorite Drop styles – the Dream Drops. Frosted Lake is an aqua leaning blue with a pale yellow iridescence to it. Dream Drops have been stellar with creating the perfect dome, and I expect Frosted Lake will do the same. 

Iceberg Blue is one color I’ve been able to play with already. It’s brilliant blue with a slight teal tone is absolutely amazing. When you first apply it, like all Jewel Drops, it’s cloudy. As it dries, it becomes transparent retaining the blue color. I can easily see this used for ice or water effects.

The last Drop with this collection is the Stone Drop called Morning Fog. I get a complete winter vibe whenever I look at this color. 

If you’re like me and want to buy all the Drops, you can get them as a bundle here and save 20%!

Now we come to some of the mixed media supplies. First are the Nuvo Hybrid Inks. While these Principal Ink colors don’t appear to be the most exciting, they will likely be some of your most used. The top is a clear ink you can use with your embossing powders. The Metro Grey and Black Shadow are excellent to use with alcohol markers and water based markers. I’ve done some tests with the Nuvo Hybrid Inks I have and haven’t had smudging with either type of marker.

Embellishment Mousse is the first Nuvo product I fell in love with. There’s a beautiful white called Snow Storm and a dusty blue called Polar Wind. The Expanding Mousse line is growing with the addition of Iced Aqua. I received a mini pot of this color in my Tonic Craft Kit last month. It’s gorgeous. Expanding Mousse is fun because you can use it with a stencil or palette knife just like the Embellishment Mousse. It has the added feature of creating unique texture if you hit it with a heat gun to dry. 

Again, if you like all of these products, there’s a bundle available on the Tonic website where you can save 20%.

The last of the currently available products are the glitters. Sparkle is something Nuvo does well and they’ve not disappointed here either. 

First we have something I’m a new convert to – the Sparkle Spray. I will admit I’m not one to purchase a bunch of new sprays anymore. I was around with Glimmer Mist and have so many colors. I told myself I don’t need anymore sprays. I was wrong! Sparkle Spray is simply amazing. I can’t adequately express just how much sparkle they put into this bottle. I had a sample size of Peacock Plume in my Tonic Craft Kit and it left me wanting more. I can’t wait for the full sized bottle to arrive!

I will be honest. My favorite way to use these markers isn’t in my craft room – it’s in my classroom. My students love when I grade papers at home because I’m always grabbing a Nuvo Glitter Marker. Again, the shine and sparkle is amazing, and Arctic Blast is an amazing addition to my collection and yours.

We end this glittery section with, well, glitter in its truest form! This Nuvo Pure Sheen glitter comes in a 4 pack with two glitters, one sequin, and one confetti jar. Blue Blizzard and Drifting Snow are the glitters. They have a lovely fine texture. The Blue Blizzard is strictly metallic while Drifting Snow is iridescent. The Sub Zero sequins are a teal leaning blue and have an iridescent shine, and the Iridescent Ice Stars are shaped confetti. All of them will make a great addition to scrapbook pages or cards.

Just like the previous two sections, the Nuvo glitter products are also available in a bundle where you can save 20%. If you’re like me and want it all, check out this bundle and save a whopping 25% on every Nuvo White Wonderland product available!

You may have noticed I’ve said “available” a few different times. That’s because, sadly, not all of this Trend has arrived at the Tonic warehouse just yet. I contacted Tonic to ask what’s going on because a few of you have already asked me that question. The Glacier Paste and Embossing Powders are due to arrive in the US on August 23 and should be available to purchase before the month ends. In the meantime, here are some peeks at what’s still to come…


Can we all just say wow at the Glacier Pastes? Iron Frost looks like something I’ve been wanting for a while now – a nice navy paste. I can’t wait to see if this is a dream come true. I told a friend I want Winter White in a squeeze bottle. I can just see me using it for snow covered buildings and trees on my Christmas layouts and cards.

Finally are the embossing powders. Twinkling Tinsel and Snow Crystal are going to be great additions to my small but growing embossing powder collection. Snow Crystal is iridescent. It’s hard to tell from the photo but it looks like (to me at least) Twinkling Tinsel has a variety of colors in it. Maybe a bit of holographic glitter? Time will tell!

That’s all for now. Tomorrow, I’ll post about the new card are pattern paper for White Wonderland. What’s your favorite part of the Nuvo release? Is there a product you just have to get your hands on? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time, have a lovely day!